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Last year for AFO I cosplayed a girl version of Death the Kid from Soul Eater since it was only my second time cosplaying and I wasn't really comfortable crossplaying yet. It went really good and got a lot of compliments on it. The only issue was this one girl that said: "Oh boy, sexy jutsu Death the Kid. Reallllyy original.....". I was like whatever and ignored her cause she definitely wasn't going to ruin my con experience.

So, I say that making a female version of a male character is fine. I saw someone cosplay a female version of Sora, but she replaced the pants with a skirt and it was really cute. As long as you come up with a reasonable way to make the cosplay into a female without makng it slutty is cool with me. I'm glad that there are other cosplayers who make female versions of male characters, that makes me want to continue making them. And if someone says something negative about it, I'll just shrug them off and enjoy my con ^_^
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