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Originally Posted by hellparadiso
I will also add that if ANY convention I attend or want to attend had a "no Steampunk/Lolita/video games/cyberpunk/whatever" rule, I would no longer want to attend that convention.
Yes, this exactly.

Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
It warms my heart to know that some of the same people who bitch and moan about people giving them a hard time when they cosplay in public get pissy when someone represents another genre or style of costume at an anime convention.

There's no rule against it. Lighten up.
As a steampunk person who also likes anime, I'm going to go to anime cons. If I get made fun of, I'll ignore it. Seriously, getting upset because someone makes fun of what you're wearing? I'd be much more upset if they commented on my character - but even if they did, they don't know me so it wouldn't matter.

That said, this is the first thread where I've actually read all of the replies. I'm not surprised that the OP utterly disappeared after a while (probably a result of being thoroughly trounced by Mangochutney).
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