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Originally Posted by Sakurairis View Post
I personally don't think it's a good idea unless you have a particular cosplay you're going after.
I second this ,it also depends on when/where you cosplay..i dont think theres a way people could cosplay anything WW2 related here in Germany without getting into big trouble unless they were filming a real movie/documentary without approval of the goverment *if im wrong anyone correct me on this* [Nazi propaganda and items are BANNED and considered ILLEGAL over here,im not a natural resident of Germany]

I used to think the idea of cosplaying as both allies and axis would have been cool in my teenage years*I once dressed up inspired by the axis no insignias or helmets mind you,for comedy relief at home,probably 8 yrs before moving here to Germany, to make my family laugh...they were not amused...i got the hint too and felt insanely stupid/retarded for even thinking it might have ever been funny

but thats changed drastically for a number of reasons...

I dont agree with my teenage self on this anymore,not unless I had a real valid reason or a specific series*

I grew up and later on understood that its a very sensitive time period,its not your "play soldier" type of get up,you're bound to offend people and a lot of them will question why you would even want to do such a thing

and finally I got married to someone in the military...not the same war obviously,but I can't explain the level of sensitivity I have towards watching anything related to wars these days,back when I was single I loved learning about all the wars and understanding them...but that changed...having my husband deploy and see how the war changed him struck a heavy chord in me...I see military uniforms in a whole new light because of this...

I think theres folks out there who dress up and theres people who re enact as either or...
It might seem like theyre just uniforms but they carry a lot of history in them...the insignias all right down to how they wore them and the stories they tell alone by the way there all put together...

thats just my 2 cents...

so in the long run my answer is...if i have a specific series with a real purpose ...
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