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Originally Posted by x-Steffi-x View Post
ESPECIALLY if it were to be from World War II. I'd be very offended if someone came dressed as a Nazi or Hitler or even wore a Swastika. Whether it's part of an anime series or not I don't care, I just think it's in poor taste.

You can cosplay whoever you want, but if you were to cosplay anything related to this, then I will frown upon you or completely ignore you.
I am sensitive on this subject and it can be an obvious reason why, I'm half German. I've put up with a lot of shit concerning this subject and I won't put up with anymore.

But everyone is different, that just happens to be my opinion.
I was kinda thinking "Military uniforms in Genreal" like hetalia. I would highly disagree with any heavy swastika'd outfit even if it was for anime.
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