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Originally Posted by Zexion_Nobody View Post
OP here. I am very respectful of the opinions held by those placed here, yet, I do not understand the stigma attached to the uniforms (Unless it's an SS Officer or Brownshirt party supporter, for example) of the period. I have done this in the past, and encountered no problems. I think the thread got misread in that it's gist was not whether I should /wear/ it to a con, but if anyone else /besides/ myself does. I definitely agree with Kelley, in that the general public may not be fully ready. Yet what I cannot fully comprehend and find hypocritical is that if so many find the uniforms of the period offensive, why is Axis Powers Hetalia so widely cosplayed? Yes, it's an anime, but it's set in the WWII period focusing on the Axis Powers. Other than those that know about it, would the general public not be offended all the same? I'm not saying this to create upset, it's just an observation I'm making.
I'm not exactly being Hypocritical since when I stated in my earlier post that I get offended if someone where to dress as something based in World War II whether it was from an anime or not and this includes series like that as well as Full Metal Alchemist.

Not so much Hetalia since (well, same reason as what Sakurairis said).
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