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Originally Posted by Zexion_Nobody View Post
Yet what I cannot fully comprehend and find hypocritical is that if so many find the uniforms of the period offensive, why is Axis Powers Hetalia so widely cosplayed? Yes, it's an anime, but it's set in the WWII period focusing on the Axis Powers. Other than those that know about it, would the general public not be offended all the same? I'm not saying this to create upset, it's just an observation I'm making.
This is something that perplexes me also to be honest...

I dont know about Hetalia myself; I read here and there about folks cosplaying it and the name of the series is posted in the "what could be defined as offensive or non offensive cosplay" depending on the person...

I was mainly thinking about video games such as Call of Duty and Return to Castle Wolfenstein for WW2 references *both axis and allies*...

for example; theres no way -in my case and in my opinion- that i could cosplay something that in real life bothers me only to dress up later on through the context of it being an anime... let's use Hetalia for that would be a double standard on my part I believe...

The stigma behind the uniforms is that when we all walk down the road we dont know the stories behind the person walking next to us...their family members/loved ones could have been in the war and for them it could be a really sensitive subject,axis or allies,you couldnt step into a ww2 veterans gathering without offending somebody and bringing back to them the things they felt...some folks are willing to bypass some of these stigmas for the purpose of re enactment's sake because thats it...its unbiased and it holds a historical purpose to it,but anything outside of that is a really touchy subject because ...well its a subject of opinion on the matter...and relativity plays in so many ways...

so do I dress in ww2 uniforms of the era?,no i dont,i thought about it in the past *for the series I listed from video games* but i didnt find reasons that justified it enough to dress for it...
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