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I'm probably going to get roasted here, but I don't have anything against at least some WWII re-enactment style costumes. Personally, I would avoid nazi stuff because of its connotations. And I would not suggest wearing such an outfit to places where you're going to find large numbers of veterans. But at a con is different. If people can get away with cosplaying the likes of Saddam Houssein, Hitler, Jesus on the cross and the like, I'm pretty sure a WWII uniform is pretty tame in comparison, unless it's full of nazi symbols. As somebody mentioned, look at how many movies, video games, and other media use WWII as a theme. Is cosplaying from those sources always a bad thing? Unless you're acting in a disrespectful manner or crashing places like rememberance ceremonies, war memorials, or veteran's halls, I personally don't think it's always a bad thing to base cosplay off of WWII or other historical events.

About people in the street getting offended or upset, and there being no way to know their history- that's just it. You can't know everyone's history. But at the same time, where do you draw the line? Just about anything on this earth is going to offend somebody, somewhere, no matter how tame or controversial the subject matter. Do the people who are the most offended get to set the rules for everyone else? Or if not them, who?

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