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I've heard of people getting carped on because their natural hair is an unusual shade, or unusual length. People will get offended at anything, it seems. So really- is the onus on us to make sure that nothing we do or wear is ever offensive to anyone? Or is the onus on the offended ones in one form or another? Perhaps to ask themselves just WHY any given thing offends them, or if their being offended gives them the right to try to censor the speech or dress of others, or to ask themselves if the offending thing should really be taken personally?

Case in point- a pregnant zombie costume spotted at the Melbourne Zombie shuffle in Australia. I learned about this through a web forum, which unfortunately has gone belly-up recently. But the gist of it is this- a lady at this event dressed as a pregnant zombie, complete with baby crawling out of her belly alien-style. She carried a sign reading "Maternity benefits or death!", obviously making a political statement. She got her picture put on the 'net.

This image was seen by a lady far away from Melbourne, who had suffered the loss of a child. She referred to herself as a "babylost momma", and hung out mostly with other grieving parents, to the exclusion of most of her other friends. And she blogged extensively on facebook, myspace, or some place like that, mostly about how various things personally offended her, because they referred in one way or another to the death of a child. You can imagine how she reacted to that zombie costume! She made a hate-filled post on her blog about how insensitive this zombie costumer was, even going so far as to wish child loss on that woman, saying that she deserved it for lack of empathy for grieving parents. How dare she dress like that?

So who has the problem here? Was that zombie cosplayer solely at fault? Does she really have to censor herself to protect the sensibilities of somebody hundreds or thousands of miles away? Or was it the offended "babylost momma" who needed to step back, calm down and realize that A- the zombie cosplayer didn't dress that way as an affront to her, personally. And B- As tragic as her loss is, it's not the world's responsibility to foam-pad itself for her?
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