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I would say people have to learn they're not the only ones living on this Earth....other people try to communicate things too...whether they agree with them or not...its still there...the messages will come and go just as people do...the lady in the costume DOES sound pretty insensitive.*imho*..but theres laws that allow people to have a free sense of speech and censor that would be to censor outright the sense of being oneself really...the lady who lost the baby just needed to accept that theres people who dont think the same way she does...that people will have their cant talk down someone just because you disagree with them....and you cant harrass them in hopes of making them cant force change...

its a mixed combination...society has its generalized claims of whats considered "off topic" and then theres the ones that are personal to people...

I know the OP of this thread meant no harm by asking who wears WW2 uniforms other than themselves,and I know you definitely didnt mean any offense either,everyone just has a different take on it the end...none of us would be wrong since its our opinions based on our personal lives really!

things that truly would make it wrong would be harrassment,slandering and trying to hurt people...thats when it takes a turn from trying to communicate differences to trying to defend oneself...

this is just my take on the whole thing really...i spend a lot of time trying to understand how the world fits in all of these vast differences into most generalized terms...
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