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things that truly would make it wrong would be harrassment,slandering and trying to hurt people...thats when it takes a turn from trying to communicate differences to trying to defend oneself...
I got royally slagged here for mentioning a costume idea that I had once, based on real-world subject matter. An idea that I had thought about, but would probably never actually do, due to logistical and financial reasons. (I would need a partner to make it work, and the costumes would be rather elaborate and costly). One member of this forum even admitted to snooping into my online activities beyond this board!! Wow, creepy, paranoid and stalker-ish, anyone? To say nothing of the libellous comment he made on the forum, in regards to my mental state.
All of that because he didn't like a hypothetical costume idea.

Sometimes I think people really need to remember that freedom of speech and expression *gasp!* includes things that not everybody likes, stuff that's controversial, and things that aren't always politically correct.

I didn't see the zombie woman as insensitive, IMHO. She was conveying a message about maternity benefits, and tailored her costume to the event- a pregnant zombie would be right at home at a zombie shuffle. Had it been a hippie event, she would probably have been dressed as a pregnant hippy with a great big sunflower on her belly or something like that.
I didn't see her as making fun of parents who've lost children. I can see how a parent grieving over such a loss might find that outfit hard to take. But does it give them the right to try and censor it, or scream down the person wearing it?
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