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This could have been a good thread, but you guys are really wanting a fight this week.

I clicked because I do WWII-era costuming. I know a lot of re-enactors, and while I'd love to get into that part of it, I don't have the time. Instead, I just do the costumes. I've NEVER had anyone say anything negative to me or about me when I'm in a costume or uniform. I even do MGS cosplay and regularly wear early 1960s gear, and no one thinks of it as anything but cool. And there are the guys who wear modern gear to cons not even trying to be a character.

Well, I would have loved to talk uniforms and gear on here, but looks like it's nothing but a big argument about whether we can/should wear these outfits or not. I'll come back once this opinion-slinging has died down and talk costuming.
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