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Here, I did a cut 'n paste of some posts off the guy-tuck thread, to put on-topicness that belongs here in the relevant place...
Originally posted by Mizuno Tenshi
3M Transpore tape is a good choice. It's a clear, strong, hypo-allergenic medical tape. Has a little bit of stretch too, which makes it more comfortable.
(Karisu: ) Hmmm: I see it comes in a 2" width: good. But it's clear -oops. I need to still be decent when I bend over = my low-cut shirt gives a clear view of..... stuff. Yeah, why are GUY'S nipples not considered indecent exposure, huh? Bloody double standards!! Make 'em put on SHIRTS!

Karisu-san, here's another type of tape that'll help. Honestly, anything medical grade sounds better and less likely to screw up your skin.
There's also a paper tape you may want to use for the most sensitive areas, like over the nipples, but it won't hold as strongly.
(Karisu: ) Believe it or not, it's not what you'd expect; it's NOT the nipple part that's the problem. It's the surprisingly tender skin on the lower part of what little I do have. Ouch. >.< Nipples have to be kinda durable - they are designed to nurse babies (something I've had plenty 'o experience at. )

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