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Originally Posted by alterationsbyem View Post
So I went online to American to see what to see these days and Samantha is discontinued! I am so getting all of her clothes out of my daughter's doll clothes chest and getting them together with the original doll!

BTW side note on American Girl dolls... My grandma went to high school with the lady that started the company... when your 8 and you hear this information it's earth shattering.
I totally feel the need to dig my Sam doll out from my closet now!

That is kind of awesome about your Grandmother. That lady must be super rich now... haha.

Originally Posted by SirenaBlack View Post
I attended an American Girl party as Josefina once. Good times...And my friends and I put on two of the plays. I've been Josefina's aunt (I can't remember her name) and one of Kirsten's cousins, haha. I haven't read any of the books since Josefina's, though. Around the time Mattel took over I lost interest.
OMG In third grade we had to write a play based on a book and half of our class (pretty much all of the girls) choose American Girl books. I still remember some of them... they were hilarious. (and not on purpose) I'm so glad no one video taped those. haha!


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