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Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan!

Time to bust out the old Shinsengumi uniforms, Hakuouki- Shinsengumi Kitan (The Mysterious Tale of the Shinsengumi: The Pale Cherry Blossom Demon) recently got an anime! And by recently I mean April. Surely there are some cosplayers by now!~

For the unfamiliar, Hakuouki was originally an Otome-style game turned into an anime. Chizuru is searching for her missing father and, after witnessing an Oni attack, is taken in by the Shinsengumi. Weird things happen. The sparkling point here is that the characters have some decent personalities- they don't religiously stick to the "dark brooding", "shota", etc patterns.

...And they have pretty costumes. What?

Here's a good resource for references:

Most of the leads have a Shinsengumi uniform along with a Western-style outfit. However, recently a calendar came out with absolutely gorgeous stylized designs <3

I'm planning on Chikage and Saito's Japanese-style uniforms but I really want Toshi's Western style and Chizuru's calendar illustration set ;A;
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