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Originally posted by Karisu-sama
Baby oil... hmmm... don't have any of that, but I did use some nail polish remover. Wasn't quite good enough, though.

My husband's attitude is the biggest barrier I have. >.< I think he is somehow afraid (and WHY?) that I don't want to be a girl, LOL - I am perfectly HAPPY to actually be a girl! And to actually HAVE boobs, as well as a 10" waist-hip differential! However, I really love the silly guy, and for the sake of harmony.... *sigh*

Here you go, Mochihead: "Boob Fairy" Oh, and thanks so much - I heard YOU provided yummies for one of those gatherings on the Hilton Mezzanine I was at; Jarod's B-day party, right? ^^

Got a piccy I took in the hotel mirror - where did my chest go? o.O.......
O.O;;; Where DID it go? ~_~ Eh, scared me for a moment there it did, lol. I'll just have to try this method out ^^
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