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One Piece Cosplay: Luffy Alabasta

Hi, so this is my first ever cosplay attempt and I wanna make it good/accurate as possible. I want to be Luffy from One Piece, more specifically I want his desert getup from the alabasta arc.

Ref pics:

So far I've got nothing. But I've got some idea of where to start but I've also got a lot of questions. First off, should I make his vest or should I buy a red one that's similar? Making it would obviously take a lot more time but I'm not sure what type of fabric I would need to make sure that it isn't too "floppy," maybe cotton?

Secondly, should I make the pants, or just cut off some jeans? I'm not quite sure what pants luffy himself wears, are they jeans? or are they some type of feltish material? And on top of that, what is that white stuff around the bottom of his pants? Cotton balls? White fur? And as a third part, after I've decided on cotton or fur, how do I sew them onto the pants without making it look dead obvious that it's sown on? I mean the white stuff is 3d, while the pants are not so when i use any time of sewing machine it'll make a flat line.

Third, the cape. I'll obviously want to make this one myself, I mean capes are awesome. What I want to know tho is what/where do I get the circular white patterns imprinted onto my the cape? I have no idea what the process is called, where you can get patterns imprinted onto clothes, because I considered just sewing the patterns on, but i think they're supposed to be printed onto the cape.

Fourth is the water bottle. OMG, I want to make a real water bottle, but I do not have the resources. I was looking up how to make wine barrels and it's a really complicated process, however I don't have any power tools which would be necessary. So I'm considering using sports water bottle and then building the thing around it. But I can't think of what to do that with. I could use real wood, but then again I don't have power tools, curving wood would take forever with sand paper -_-;; I've been looking at craft foam, but that can only make metal, so I'll use that for the metal parts around the barrel, but the wood part is driving me nuts. What looks like wood, feels like wood, knocks like wood, but can be shaped into a water bottle?

Lastly, but most importantly, the straw hat. Imo, the hat makes or breaks a luffy cosplayer, sometimes the hat just looks so off the entire costume looks weird. Where can I buy a straw hat like luffy's? I don't want to be concaved or convexed, like if I put it down, it'd be flat on the ground. And after that, how do I harden the straw hat to not bend/curve? As you can see in the referance photos, luffy ties his scarf around his hat, if it's really floppy hat then it'll just bend. I want my hat to stay in place, be really firm regardless of whatever pressure I put on it on. Like is there some type of glue or transparent material that would harden straw into being less flexible/stiffer? Maybe massive amounts of starch? Or does it all depend on the construction of the hat?

Yeah, really long but before I start I wanted a lot of the details out of the way, in case if a step or maybe even a lot of the steps were impossible. (If you can't tell by now I'm a perfectionist -_-; Thanks.
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