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Originally Posted by hollowchrist View Post
After watching the Cell sagas of Dragon Ball Z to get a better feel for Android 18, I have found that I would absolutely love to do a Femme Perfect Cell. It's probably be the exact same design, only with the feminine silhouette and curves. ^^
OMG i always liked the perfect cell in the dbz series XD !!!! thats a fantastic idea by the way

anywho sorry off track there...*ahem*

i've been intrigued by this idea myself ! i've yet to do a gender bender but its not something i would completely rule out !

It could give me the liberty of not having to bind and worry about 'manning' up(details like specific make up etc) if i was to cosplay a male character...either -gender bending the character or crossplaying really i'd be happy all the same !-

i do agree with everyone here that gender bending should be done in a tasteful manner though !

maybe someone should make a "gender bending" bible/thread ?
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