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Originally Posted by Nova~Spoon View Post
Well, some eBay sellers let you send your measurements, so unless they're bad (can't think of another word :s) sellers, they'll custom make (basically comission) your item. Honestly, I think I almost bought a premade costume, then decided to send in measurements. I wouldn't have reviewed it if it was premade ^^
Most Chinese shops that ask for sizes still send pre-made items. They just send you the ones closest to your size. They do indeed often make items to order ~ but they're all the same items made from the same backstock of fabrics in the same factories. Someone purchasing the same costume you ordered is likely to get exactly the same costume you ordered (the same design, the same make and in the same timeframe).

But even a tailored costume ordered from a pre-made template is different than a costume which is custom made to your specifications.

Most merchants will not accept orders for items they don't have in their catalogs (which is what people tend to seek from "commissioners").

IE. in a comissioner situation ~ your item does not already exist. It's created to fit your specifications by a seamstress, tailor, stylist or propmaker on your request. In a merchant situation, you already know what your item (ought to) look like and it is either popped in a box and sent or manufactured to spec (usually in a Chinese factory).

Having merchant reviews in the commissioner's category or under the "commissioner" heading may lead people to misunderstand that they can order custom items from a merchant.

Merchant reviews are just as helpful as comissioner reviews... but can be hard to find if they're in the wrong category.
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