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Originally Posted by Tonksie View Post
You're so awesome! Thank you for putting this together!
No problem! The other one was half-dead and I'm avoiding school work haha.

Originally Posted by Eleksin View Post
Who's getting annoyed at repeated questions? WE ARE~

Yeah, this should be sticky'd/pinned/omgwtfbbq'd so everyone can see it.

EDIT: I just realized I sounded a bit like a bitch just now since typing has no implications in it. I'm joking around. Please don't take this all that seriously. >.>
Haha it's cool, I totally understand. The only question I'm really getting tired of answering a million times is either like "Where can I buy a pink dress?" or something equally broad, or "How do I make a petticoat?" because it gets asked like 8 times a week.
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