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Originally Posted by solstis View Post
Can I make a suggestion?

Add patterns that can be used. actual purchased patterns by Simplicity or Butterick or whoever.
While it's nice to have sites that have these easy to follow tutorials (I only got a chance to look at a few) but I like the A-line style one peice with an non gathered skirt and no shirred back. (this is considered a jumper-skirt right ?? ) Having a real pattern that just needs to be altered some is easier than drawing one from scratch 'properly' for me

but you'd have to add notes like the collars wrong, it needs to be longer or things like that so not to confuse us newbies. I swear I won't ask how to make a petti though XD
I can definitely add some of those. There aren't too many though, and most of them need quite a bit of alteration.

Haha thank you! I think I've answered that question 8 million times.
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