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Originally Posted by solstis View Post
I know there aren't too many I spent hours looking in ALL the pattern books at my local fabric stores (and we only have two they pretty much know me by name and the fact I ask too many questions and buy a lot of lace at the one)

anyway! one dress XD oh theres more other stuff than I expected though thankies
I've actuly used Simplicitiys 5516 by making it shorter by almost half and adding straps, for the one I'm workng on. but the first one I got was McCalls 5748 but the whole top needed rework, but it does have a petti pattern

Hey I already have buttericks 2988 XD but is adding a ruffle or lace to the top going to make it high enough? (granted models are too tall so >_> it's hard to tell)
I can't find a single pattern you're talking about actually, are they still in print?
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