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Originally Posted by Atraielees View Post
Hey thanks!

I guess my first question is...where do I start?
1) Choose your favorite character!

2) Go to the fabric store and see what fabrics they have and if you can find the colors you need. Check how the colors go together and make note of the fabric type and color so you can come back (maybe get little test cuts/swatches if you can't make up your mind). If you aren't happy with the colors or fabric available then you know you either need to keep looking or change to a different character.

This way you will know if you can get everything at the same store or if you need to expand your fabric search to other stores. Once you know how much fabric you need you can go back and get the right amount - or you can wait to go back when you have coupons. [Fabric store coupons are usually only good for one cut of fabric. I usually get one every week in the newspaper and spread out my purchases accordingly. ]

The following are my personal fabric choices for Sailor Soldier Fuku. Other people have their own favorite materials based on weight and textured appearance.

Leotard (if making your own): White Swimwear/Dancewear fabric (4-way stretch) - you'll probably need to double it because white is usually kind of see-through...
Skirt/Collar: Some kind of synthetic silk/silky fabric. Real silk will be super expensive and actually has a rough/uneven texture.
Bows: Satin (Shiny!) Satin is rather floppy so you will need to use interfacing if using it for bows.

3) Make a list of all the accessories you will need to buy or make. Things like gloves, shoes/boots, tiara, wig, jewelery, and choker. Maybe makeup too. Determine if you want to make certain items yourself or buy them. It's good to do this early because you don't want to rush making something (you may need to remake it) or order it too late so that your wig comes the week after you need it.

4) Decide if you want to make your own leotard from scratch or buy one to modify. (If you look at past posts in this thread you'll get an idea of what is involved with each method.)

5) Buy patterns and/or draft your own. The sailor collar you almost definitely will be drafting on your own, but it is rather simple and it doesn't make sense to buy a pattern just for the collar. This video explains sailor collars pretty well - and is very entertaining - though you may need to modify how it attaches.

For making your own leotard with attached skirt I recommend Green Pepper's pattern for a skating leotard (#517 Crystal Lake Skating Outfit). If you know how to make a circle skirt you can probably do that on your own and attach it to a store bought leotard.

6) Ask questions! We love to help and somebody here probably has an answer.

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