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Originally Posted by Atraielees View Post
Hey thanks!

I guess my first question is...where do I start?

To be honest, this is the best How-to-make-a-sailor moon-costume thread that you will ever find.

But starting is easy! Firstly, you may want to consider finding a pattern in order to make the main bodice (leotard) and skirt. Ice skating patterns are recommended, especially the Green Pepper Pattern (which I used) and the Butterick Ice Skating Pattern which is just as good.
But, if you don't fancy making the bodice from scratch, then you could always buy your own leotard, but to be honest, making a leotard is not hard at all!

So, now that you have considered the pattern, now to know what fabrics you are going to use. So, for the bodice, the ultimate fabric choice would definately have to be lycra or spandex. For the skirt and Sailor Collar, well, the materials vary depending on your taste, if you want that shiny style like the manga images then satin is the way to go, there are a range of different satin types like dull satin if you want it more suttle or shiny satin if you want extra shine. But be careful, if you're not experienced with sewing, then working with satin can be tricky as it is a slippery material.
However, if you want to go for the anime style you may want to go for the more matte material such as cotton or cotton lycra or something similar. These materials are easier to work with.
For the bows, well, this applies to the sailor collar and skirt, if you used satin for the skirt and collar, then you would do so with the bows and vice versa. DO NOT mix both satin AND cotton together within the costume, it looks inaccurate and....strange. Unless your doing a Sera Myu version sailor fuku where the materials are mixed.
For the glove rolls, use the same material as the skirt/collar/bows/bodice, same applies with the hip rolls and sleeve rolls.

Well, I think I've covered the first stage of making your senshi costume. Once you have found the perfect pattern and the perfect materials to your taste, then don't hesitate to ask how to go ways about making your costume, everyone is here to help you if you get stuck. Patterns are quite easy to follow. We can also give you recommendations on where you should go to purchase your shoes/ wigs/ accessories. So everything is basically covered.

One last thing, DON'T PANIC! Like I stated before, we're here to help and so are people around you, you can get family members to help, and if you're stuck for choice on fabrics, then your local fabric store will offer helpful advice too!
Oh, and Good Luck!
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