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Originally Posted by Atraielees View Post
Oh my goodness, thank you so much!
I guess the big issue I can foresee is the place where the skirt meets the leotard and the tube thingy is...seem's ridiculously hard to me...

*goes to look through this thread for an answer...*
Haha, you're welcome. Well, for attaching the skirt to the leotard issue, well your purchased pattern will tell you how to do that so you don't need to worry, but there are alternate ways of attaching the skirt to the bodice if you can't do it the pattern's way. And the tube thingy, well I can recommend a tutorial for you on that, but I'll do that when you come to doing the hiprolls and how to attacht that to the bodice. But worry about these things later and start with doing the basics. Doing the hip roll is easier than you think
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