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Well, I'm buying the pattern for my Neo-Queen Serenity dress today. But I've also started thinking about what materials I should be using. I saw some nice duchesse satin that is reasonable priced. I don't want any fancy or textured material because I'll be putting white, clear organza over the top over the skirt piece (not the bust piece) anyway. But then I don't want a cheap-looking satin or fabric.
Do you guys have any suggestions?

Also, for the large bow at the back, should I keep that white (like the fabric) or should I get a white fabric with a pinkish-purplish tint to it? Also what fabric should I make the large bow out of? I was thinking of using the duchesse satin for it then covering it in organza.. Because in her anime version, the large bow is not see-through as the manga portrays it to be. I was also thinking of starching the bow to keep it stiff rather than pee about with wire.
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