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Continued from above...

Name of Commissioner: Princess Snowglobing Cosplay

Website/ gallery: gallery:
Facebook fanpage:!/pages/In-...xpipe=1&__a=27
Deviantart account:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Byakuya Kuchiki of Bleach


Continued from above...

April 25th: Not receiving any contact for about a week, I decided to get more personal (much to my dismay) and message her facebook account. My message on facebook was promptly replied to, and informed that dA was no longer a good way to contact her anymore because PrincessSnowGlobing was taking a break. A bunch of excuses ensued and she told me she would keep me updated.
Our conversation:
Part 1:

May 2nd: I gave her my shipping address to my house and fully expected my costume in the mail. She texted me, saying that she could probably just drop it off at my dorm. It was soon changed to me picking up my costume at her dorm yet again. She told me she'd text back to me on that matter because move out for her dorm was soon. Complications arose with her moving out of her dorm and that never happened, she never texted me back.

May 12th: Me inquiring about the lack of response from her and where my costume was.
May 27th: Would I get my costume sometime this year, indeed.
May 28th: She's busy busy and personal excuses that are none of my business or concern. I forward her a different address to ship to.
June 3rd: Once again inquiring where my costume is. Is it in the mail, or what?
June 6th: More excuses and personal drabble. I'm starting to see a pattern and I just want my costume finished or unfinished. The insurance, tracking, and seam finishes were surprising and I appreciated them, thanking her for the heads up.
June 9th: I receive my tracking number. Thanks again.

Part 2:

June 9th: The scarf/gloves are once again forgotten and in the mail on "Saturday."
June 23rd: I inquire where my accessories are. They could be lost in the mail, for all I knew. I wasn't going to assume she didn't send them.

June 25th: I post on my status and tagged her in it:
"I finally bothered to open the package I received from *PrincessSnowGlobing*. Nice and wrinkly. Still waiting on scarf/gloves/shirt >:|"

June 26th: She removes me from her friends list, the only form of contact I had with her. She was lucky then that the wrinkles were the only thing I complained about publicly. I couldn't believe her behavior at how she was treating a client. The last message is what pushed me to post this honest review. She expects me to read her mind and forces guilt on me about cost and that she apologized several times, like apologizing and sending me back my money makes her bad customer service reputation go away.

Pros: Appearance wise, the costume was accurate. It functioned well and I could move around easily. The fabric choice was great and it wasn't hot at all. I really enjoy wearing it, when I do, it's a very fun costume. Her attitude was nice in the beginning, and her apologies seemed to be honest. I had fun hanging out with her.

Cons: Too many to count. Bad or no communication, unspecific dates, bad attitude, lots of personal excuses, costume unfinished and not completed in a timely manner. Costume was unsafe to wear at the convention and parts of the costume were missing. The pants looked like they had been lying around on the floor somewhere from wrinkles, no visible pleats to speak of. Costume was worth exactly what I paid for. Got a rude message in the end about me being unhappy with my late costume.

Communication: D-
Timeline: F
Costume: C+

Final Grade: D+
Would not recommend to anyone I know. Requires LOTS of patience and temperament. Not worth the time or effort.
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