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Originally Posted by solstis View Post
um..... Probably , the McCalls 5748, I got from a store that's been trying to get rid of them. ((I just looked it up online it's from 1984 XXDD and called vintage XD;; ))

Simplicitiys oh that should be 5561 sorry O_. I thought was still in print unless they stoped printing it recently it's formal ware, that was actuly in a display book but I do think I looked that one up online. so it may have been listed as still in print but not pictured.
Yeah, there's a lot of great vintage patterns out there that are really useful for lolita, I just don't think I could keep track of them all D:

I can definitely see Simplicity 5561 working well as a base-pattern, I'll add it to the list!
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