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Sorry for intruding, but I thought this was interesting, just becuase I, too, have an interest in doing a Hellsing cosplay that focus' on a Nazi uniform

I was talking to a guy that does WWII re-enactments, and he advised, in place of a swastika, using an Iron Cross. His reasoning is that it 'would get the general idea across without being too offensive. Most kids wouldn't fully get it, and unless you knew a lot about Nazi uniforms, most people probably wont get butt-hurt (sorry, just repeating his words)'.

I wandered in on this thread wondering about how angry people would get/do get on average about Nazi uniforms at cons, even if it is for a specific anime. I see a lot of people raging, mostly about Hetalia, (which is cute, but not very accurate costume-wise and I don't really count Germany as a Nazi/Hitler any more than I count Italy as a representation of Stalin (remember kids, Nazi was political party)). But I digress, sorry.

I'd love to do Rip Van Winkle someday, but I really don't feel like getting my eyes gouged out or causing drama.

My friend (WWII reenacter guy) assured me that he has yet to see anyone dressed as a Nazi attacked, and he seemed relatively encouraging, but he didn't know about cosplay context but seemed encouraging (Note: he doesn't know a thing about anime).

I honestly don't think people mean any disrespect by dressing up as a specific Nazi character from an anime: I certainly don't mean any disrespect. I had three grandparents in WWII, one was even in a concentration camp.

If it's so wrong to dress up as a Nazi-themed character, than is it no as equally offensive to first draw said character and therefore put the idea in the fan's heads?
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