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Failure at Cosplay...
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Name of CommissionerDoubleShopPro (ebay)
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game Kaiko Shion from Vocaloids
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned itemOn my profile
Timeline About 2 months but that was my fault (see below)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pros:I can't begin to tell you how friendly they were. They contacted me right away to keep up with what I wanted and everything. I didn't have measuring tape so I asked for medium. The cosplay is exactly what's pictured: scarf, jacket, shorts, 2 arm warmers and boot covers ;w; It's super soft and extremely well made. They got every detail right! And I'm very OCD about details.

Cons: (most cons are my fault actually) The shorts are a tad bit tight so there is some serious muffin top shiz going on when I open the jacket. The armwarmers were a bit big and the elastic was on the inside rather than being sewn into the sleeves. But I got used to that.
I don't use the boot covers at all even though they're EXTREMELY amazing ;n; Maily cause my feet are too big and there's no elastic on the covers OTL

Shipping was bad for me because I ordered during Chinese New Years. I was stupid and forgot to take that into account. HOWEVER, the seller kept in close contacts and reassured me the cosplay would be shipped out asap and I'd get it in time for my first con of the year. Which I did. ^^

Final Grade:
A- One of the greatest cosplays I own. I wouldn't trade it for the world <3 Amazing contact and a great result. I love it and plan on ordering from there again soon ^^
CPAC, NYComicCon, ???

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