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Originally Posted by Tande View Post
Name of Commissioner: Carrot Anime

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Assassin Cross (Ragnarok Online) Whole Costume, minus shoes and Soul Linker (Male Version, Ragnarok Online), whole costume, no shoes.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
I will add more pictures when I get everything ready (as in pictures of me wearing it)

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Much too long. I got in contact in early February and just recieved the order yesterday (May 25th) More on that later...

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments
At the end of January, I asked for a quote for the first costume: Assassin Cross. I felt the price was right, especially for something that included armor, and paid for it near the beginning of February. While I'm at it I made sure to place the due date a few weeks before the convention I planned on wearing it to, just in case something ever did happen: April 23rd. In March, my hubby decided he wanted to do something at the convention as well and I ended up putting in another costume for CarrotAnime, the Soul Linker costume, with the same due date and everything: figuring they had already finished the Assassin Cross costume, the Soul Linker was just fabric and wouldn't take very much time and they could still get it to me by April 23rd: Yet the same date for both of the costumes.
Anyway, April 23rd rolls around and no sight in the finishing of the second costume: so I pop them an email asking them when they believe it will be done. A few days later they tell me they will check...and I have to email them yet AGAIN to remind them to check and I make sure to include my address, name, # since I wanted to send the package off ASAP in order to get it by May 13th (When I was leaving for the Con). Whew.
Anyway, April 29th rolls around and they finally send me pictures of the second cosplay and ask me for my address, etc, even though I had already told them it. With another waste of a day, I send it to them...again.
By the beginning of May, they say they've sent it out after asking me the exact date I need it by (...isn't that what the DUE date is for?) and promising me that it'll get here by then. A few days before I leave for the convention, I shoot them an email asking them when I should expect it, who they even shipped it by..etc. I had thought they were going to give me a tracking number...but alas, nothing. It takes them two emails: both on weekdays, to reply to my worried blah blah blah. Two days from the convention I shoot them an email...nothing, so the next day I shoot them YET another email and they finally reply to me saying it was being held by the mail for some check or something. I didn't really CARE about that, in every email I had asked them if they even thought I'd get it in time.
Anyway, long story short: I don't and the day before I leave for the convention they FINALLY tell me and offer to refund one of the costumes. I take the offer, expecting, hey, more money for the convention I don't get to wear the costumes to. I don't get the money until DAYS after I come back from the convention, and even then I have to remind them twice.
Anyway...what this has taught me: No more ordering from foreign companies. I'll stick to American goods, thank you very much, even if they are a bit pricey, at least they GET here on time.
So, the actual costume? Here we go.
The actual package I received was sort of...bent corners, looked like it'd been through the ringer a few times. Lots of tape kept it...together, really. The packaging for everything was plastic, tape, and styrofoam. More on that later...
The Soul Linker one came out wonderful, the only gripes I have is the pants are a bit tight on the legs at the bottom. That will be fixed with wear, I guess. Considering this was an all fabric costume: It was wonderful.
The Assassin Cross fabric part was wonderfully done, the only gripes I have with it is it seems like they forgot to factor in my hips (and its not like I have...much for hips). I can't "zip" it up at all. One small detail that I didn't like either that will be fixed with wear is the "buttcape" curls out a bit in the front. I'm afraid to iron it because the faux leather or whatnot on the top looks plasticy. I suppose I could try a low heat...
The Armor part though! Let's get on to that!
They made the mistake of packaging like parts together. Which at first I wouldn't think would do much but when they rubbed together while shipping: some of the paint chipped off. One of the "knife" shoe parts even broke, but was easily fixed by some k-kraaaazzzzy glue. Speaking of the "knife" shoe parts, the pointyness got sort of bent by the packaging/shipping too. They also put the shoulder parts together, which again: I wouldn't think would be the problem but the safety clips on the top one made a heavy indent on the bottom one.
The actual quality of the armor is pretty nice. Lightweight and all the buckles'n'such that keep it on the body are well done. I'll still bring my k-kraaaazzzzzzyy glue with me to the next convention, just in case.

Cheap well constructed lightweight armor as well as fabric costumes.

Shipping is a nightmare...including opening everything. It seems they can't hit a due date to save their lives, but from what I understand is they don't even make the costumes - they outsource it to other places in China. Sometimes their email system is shoddy and they tend to make excuses for things, but it might be from lost translation. It seems like they lie to make people happy or something: especially when all I wanted was the truth about when to expect the cosplay, what company they used, or even if they could get it done in time by the due date.

Final Grade: D
Seriously, have you ever gotten a good grade from something you turn in a month later?
Just noticed this wasn't listed It's from a while back.
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