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Wig Brand/Site Reviews: Arda Wigs / Kingdom Arts

Yesterday I bought some wigs from Kingdom Arts' Arda Wigs booth at Anime Expo, so I thought that even though it wasn't an online purchase, I'd post a review since it was purchased from a company that sells online.

Since they were running an at-con discount, I bought two wigs: a Jaguar in Black, and a Magnum in what I want to say is Platinum Blonde. There was no shipping involved, so I'll move on straight to the wigs themselves.

Comfort: The first thing I noticed about the wigs upon putting them on was how spacious they were. I had just been working with a wig so tight it gave me headaches, putting on each of the Arda wigs and finding my head feeling comfortable and not at all confined was indescribably wonderful and amazing.

Fiber: It's not exactly soft, but it is tough, and in a good way. I was a little concerned about the softness when I first pulled one of the wigs out of the bag, and it felt a little rough in comparison to some of the Cosworx wigs I've purchased, but in those, their silkiness can translate to slipperiness and sheer frustration, meaning that softer isn't always better. The lack of shine is actually a nice thing, meaning if someone takes a picture of it with flash it won't be a shiny monster.

Anyway, by tough, I mean resilient: the wigs looked much better after a gentle combing, and were still in mostly good shape after a not so gentle combing (I'll get back to that mostly later). The wigs are supposed to be heat resistant, so I found an inconspicuous portion of hair that could use some straightening, but would be fine if I messed up.

The Before; note that little bend at the top of the middle section of hair. I pulled out my cheap straightener and put it on its lowest setting, then pulled it over the segment of hair. The After; stick straight, and still in perfect condition! Out of curiosity I ran it through the straightener a few more times and was pleased to find no damage done to the wig. Mission accomplished!

Magnum in Platinum Blonde (081)
1 2 3
From afar, the color of the wig appears to be a soft, creamy, almost pastel yellow that reminds me vaguely of cosworx's color 25. If you examine the wig closely (REALLY closely), you'll see that it's a blend of what seems to be a true platinum blonde and a bright golden yellow. It's not exactly soft straight out of the bag, but after some combing I was happy with it (see shots 1 and 2). The ends seem to love naturally flipping and curling, but you can easily fix this with a straightner (I left mine unmodified). The bangs end just below my nose and the first layer of hair hits at around midway down my cheeks. Layers near the nape are plenty long enough to cover pesky hairs down the neck (especially useful if you're plagued with really fine hairs in that area, like I am).

The only negative effect that combing had was that I accidentally yanked out a few hooks of hair. Oops. However, that did little, if anything, to affect the thickness of the wig. It has a ton of fiber on it, with wefts being spaced very closely throughout the wig. On the top of the wig there's only a small skin coin, but the surrounding wefts are spaced even closer. There's some shorter crimped hair at the roots closer to the hairline and all around the back and sides of the wig, but this doesn't pose much of a problem and gives the wig a nice volume boost. As shown by picture 3, a little bit of light restyling by hand can easily change the look.

Jaguar in Black (064)
1 2 3 4
Another short wig, this time in a pure black color. After combing (shots 1 and 2), the long segments in the front almost brush my collarbones, and the bangs almost reach my chin. It's a little longer at the nape than the Magnum, and aside from the front and sides of the wig it has a lot of layers.

I had similar problems with yanking a bit of hair loose, but like the Magnum this wig was no worse for the wear after and didn't shed much (if any) besides that. The wefts are spaced similarly as well, except that unlike the Magnum the roots are only crimped on the top half of the wig. No skin top, but it doesn't need one if you don't mind the small bit of crimped hair in lieu of one. Pictures 3 and 4 show the wig after some finger-styling and rapid head movement followed by finger-styling respectively.

Overall: It may be a little early to be saying this, but I think I'm in love. The way the colors are distributed across the lines is inconsistent to say the least, but if you can get past that setback then these heat-resistant wigs are quite nice for the price. The thickness of the wigs and versatility in styling are added bonus, and the spacious caps are a deal-sealer, at least for me. Texture tangle-potential are also minor disadvantages, but unless you like petting your wigs or have the unfortunate habit of abusing them then neither should be a problem.

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