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Awesome progress everyone
@LKD ~ Homg dat bow! It's huge! xD

@nessa I love how your snow white suit is coming out! I'm still in a panic trying to figure out what to do for the beach part of the shoot T_T

@Beni ~ I know you texted me about it but my Belle wig only took like 3-4 days to get to me but it was a cosworx brand, new look takes longer (or so i've been told) because Cosworx doesn't have them in stock, they order them from a warehouse or something and then ship it to the buyer. If you can find a wig that's cosworx brand : (any in there) that will work it should come to you super fast.

So haven't really made a whole lot of progress this week because of work. I'm having a major issue with Belle's just does not want to cooperate....i'm wondering if I should just sans the interfacing and just go with straight up fabric? Ideas?

Though besides the collar and gathering the sleeves Belle's almost complete.
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