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Originally Posted by RuhiNunchuck View Post

@nessa I love how your snow white suit is coming out! I'm still in a panic trying to figure out what to do for the beach part of the shoot T_T

So haven't really made a whole lot of progress this week because of work. I'm having a major issue with Belle's just does not want to cooperate....i'm wondering if I should just sans the interfacing and just go with straight up fabric? Ideas?

Though besides the collar and gathering the sleeves Belle's almost complete.

You should wear your Suki at the beach. my best pics of mine were at the beach during EXP (we snuck out at sunrise on Sunday and got some great shots). I'll bring mine along too in case we have time to switch between the last 2 sets.

As for the collar, definitely leave out the interfacing. It's a soft collar that folds down on itself so the interfacing will keep it from having the right shape.
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