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Originally Posted by Benihime78 View Post
Jess- I'll give you some as a gift! Might have go out and get some, but you're getting it as a gift. Lucky! I wish our thrift shops had Disney plushies! I probably would have appreciated a stained Percy though. Besides, I could just say that he's really enjoying nature XD
What did Kenai say?

Inconspicuous-Oh the fluffiness!
Dunno - he didn't have batteries but there were no gears in his legs, so I'm assuming he sang/talked. And you could see where Koda was supposed to sit on his back, plus the original store tag said Kenai and Koda, lol.

Not sure when I will go back, but I can see if they still have it. It's actually the Goodwill in Tampa, which is REALLY nice, lol. I did end up getting DDR Supernova, the Prestige DVD, and 2 WDW Collector's glasses from the 90's (the main reason I go, actually). I've also been known to stock up on books while there too....

After seeing TS3, I wanted to find all of my plushes and sleep with them, so they know I still love them. I'm also going to use that as a reason for my kids to be nice to their toys.
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