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Failure at Cosplay...
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I wasn't expecting to post here again so soon X3

Name of Commissioner:ifunplay on ebay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Pink wig with 2 curly twintails.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Wooo, collage <3
Timeline : 7 days exact ^^
Describe your Experience. :If anyone could sweat more for a wig to arrive I'd like to see it. I needed this for my Anya cosplay at CTcon which is in a week. They got it here with time to spare!
Pros:EEEEEEEE! This wig is beyond soft!
The price for this type of wig usually goes between 40-60 bucks but I got it for under 35! No sale or anything.
The shipping was like The Flash personally delivered it. One week exact when they estimated between 10-28 days. The con was 2 weeks from when I ordered it!
It's really scary ordering from un-popular/lower mentioned ebay sellers, and I was a skeptic of the 100% ratings but, man... they deserve it! D:

Cons: There is no such thing D: Though...I wish they had more of a selection.
Final Grade:A+
I couldn't ask for moar! ;A;
CPAC, NYComicCon, ???

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