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Merchant: Arda Wigs
Item Purchased: Magnum in Platinum Blonde (081/Heat Resistant) and Jaguar in Black (064/Heat Resistant)
Timeline: N/A; wig purchased at Arda's Anime Expo booth
Images: Magnum 1 Magnum 2 Magnum 3 Jaguar 1 Jaguar 2 Jaguar 3 Jaguar 4

General: Although I had seen the Arda Wigs website before and heard good reviews about them, I wanted to be able to see the wigs in person first before making a purchase. Luckily, they had a booth set up at Anime Expo where they had color rings on the table and wigs available for purchase. The Magnum and Jaguar were the two that I bought, and I was happy to find that both were exactly as described on the website.

Pros: First of all, they're not kidding when they say that their wigs are spacious. As strange as it may sound, this is my favorite part about both wigs; I've worn a really tight wig before and hated it, so having wigs that are nice and roomy despite the fact that I have a ton of hair is really nice. Second favorite would have to be the thickness of both, and the resulting versatility potential when restyling. Another bonus is that some of their wigs (these two included) are available in heat resistant fiber, which I found to be quite durable after experimentation. Even some... uh, rough combing didn't damage them much, if at all.

Cons: Hardly any. I accidentally yanked a bit of hair loose when combing, but that was mostly my fault. The heat resistant fiber isn't the softest or shiniest in the world, but it's a trade off for durability and versatility. The fiber has a slight tendency to tangle and stick a bit more than the kanekalon wigs I've dealt with, but since the wigs are short it's a relatively small problem and most tangles can be removed easily with light finger combing.

Additional Info: Here I went more into detail about my experiments with lightly styling and restyling the wigs, as well as the color info.

Final Grade: A+
Consider me a returning customer already! The information on the website that Arda provides about their wigs is helpful and most importantly, honest. Both wigs were very reasonably priced; whether it was budget, thickness, versatility, or comfort, the way that Arda accommodates the needs and problems of cosplayers with the wigs they provide is... well, excellent. If you do your research and know what you're getting into when buying a heat resistant wig (something that their info makes much easier), then I'd readily recommend this seller.

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