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Your Rakushun looks fabulous! It would be great to meet up with some other JK cosplayers at Otakon. I expect to be entering Saiou in the Friday Hall Costume Contest (and possibly walking in the fashion show portion of the Masquerade Saturday night), so I will definitely be around in the costume throughout the day on Friday.

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*waves!* Hi! I'm Myalchod's friend, the one who is doing Rakushun in his rat form (you can see the head of the cosplay in my icon). ^_^ I'm DEFINITELY going to be at Otakon, and I will have a Youka in tow, and maaaaaybe a Kourin if we can get in touch with her. I'm so excited to find other JK cosplayers on the East Coast -- I had so much fun at the gather at Fanime, and I'm hoping we can round up more on this side of the country!
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