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@Tatterpixie OMG you were so ADORABLE! I got cell pics spammed to me and even on a tiiiiney screen it looks FABULOUS! was really sad that for one I was unable to skip out on my duties to have some fun D=

@MeahtSingan I have a feeling we're going to have to travel to the east coast some time with our JK group just to terrorize you. Otherwise if you think about an east coast con- expensive I know- but it seams Sakura Con seams to gather the most people <3

hmmm... my.... formal robes *stares at the 10 some yards of duponi silk and gold lines that need to be hand embroidered* uh right.... about that.... so I was thinking with my hair so long I might try to get Naotaka Komatsu don. Full armor! I'd be going for Historical accuracy while taking colors from mostly anime and any other references I can find. my hair atm is long enough for me to do him without a wig[the only real reason I'm keeping my hair so frustratingly long!]
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