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Originally Posted by tatterpixie View Post
*waves!* Hi! I'm Myalchod's friend, the one who is doing Rakushun in his rat form (you can see the head of the cosplay in my icon). ^_^ I'm DEFINITELY going to be at Otakon, and I will have a Youka in tow, and maaaaaybe a Kourin if we can get in touch with her. I'm so excited to find other JK cosplayers on the East Coast -- I had so much fun at the gather at Fanime, and I'm hoping we can round up more on this side of the country!
OH. MY. GOD. Your Rakushun costume looks AMAZING so far! I would DIE to see it in person. He's one of my favorite characters of all time. Please, please, please post more pictures soon! *squeezes you* XD

As for my own cosplay, I'd love to do Shoukei sometime in the future, but I've got some other cosplay plans going right now. It's no fun without a group though.
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