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Name of Commissioner - minako chan
Character commissioned and series/video game - Time Skip Yoko - Gurren Lagen (just the jacket)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item - I don't have any right now but I can take some later.
Timeline - About 4 days, I literally just got it today, not counting the time I had to wait for pay pal to clear my echeck. Which I think was 3 days.
Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments - All together it was a good experience, no cons other then some thing I already knew so I can only blame myself. I forgot to add that I just purchased this item from minako chan from the market place, I don't know if she made the jacket for her cosplay or if she had some one commission it for her. The jacket was very nicely made, it was only missing one minor detail on it, but other then that it was very, very, well made and looks very nice in person. Also the jacket was too small but I already knew this when I bought it. I was planning to take it to be tailored, basically it fits --
Final Grade: A+
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