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fkl;hf;lhkfh;g Thank you!

You have good fitness advice Most of this stuff is basic to me, as I've long since started on my lifelong labor of love to be nice to my body with good food and plentiful exercise. But there are so many newbies that need to hear this!!

2. I'm a girl, if I lift weights, I'll turn into a muscular freak! I don't want that!

Also, generally speaking girls have less testosterone-the male hormone that more easily induces muscle growth.

But that girls eat less than guys is not universally true! I personally am a 6' tall female with an often voracious appetite, which can and has beaten that of smaller males, XD

Although...I do lift heavy and often, so that too might have to do with it! People usually tell me I look a lot lighter than I am-so I am in no ways big. (Then people are often agape at my strength, and that's when I look smug and thank myself for putting in time on the weights XD)

3. Fat is my MORTAL ENEMY!!! I fight it by staying away from all fats ever.
THIS! I thank you so much for mentioning this often neglected point. FAT IS NOT EVIL. In fact, its better to eat fat to lose fat! Personally, eating Chinese food at home means it is very low fat. I see a better change for the week if I add in a few avocados-and sometimes even butter(the best type I can find-preferably organic, from pasture fed cows), so long as I don't make my own fast food death combination of salt/sugar+carbs+fat.
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