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Great stuff. I'm glad someone out there knows what they're talking about (aside from me, haha).

I'd like to add that "toning" is kind of a misunderstood thing. Lifting weights with sufficient resistance only does one thing to your muscles, it makes them grow. It doesn't really do a direct spot reduction of fat. Say, doing triceps work won't make the under arm jiggle go away. Getting a leaner body is way more about eating properly, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Of course, exercise still plays a role. If you have a balanced routine of strength training and cardio, you'll slowly see yourself getting more definition and less flabby. Key is to be intense with your workouts. A brisk jog for a long time will do far less for you than 5 sprints at full speed. You don't have to slave for hours at a gym if you train intelligently.
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