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Name of Merchant: Love Laugh
Website: *Japan only
Items ordered: Scarlet Flandre costume (shirt, vest, tie, wristcuffs, hat, ribbon, skirt, panier, and wings)
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed on Sunday, paid for on Wednesday, shipped on Friday and recieved on Saturday (just under a week)

Describe your Experience: I've wanted a costume from Love Laugh for quite some time. I'm a huge fan of the circle and their color choices are top-notch. They have some of the nicest, most complete costumes available to order anywhere and for prices that ought to make other domestic makers like cospatio a bit ashamed of themselves for blatant gouging. Love Laugh has been extremely kind, personal and meticulous from the start. My order was met with both electronic confirmation and a personal mail from the circle's leader Suzuki-san. Suzuki-san was extremely courteous, offering customizations, pockets, and even a free "scent service" in which they would put perfume on a dressform before setting my costume on it for 24 hours. I didn't ask for any of the perks ~ but I really was impressed that so much was offered.

After mails updating me on each step of the process ~ the costume was in my hands in the correct sizes, without stains and as-pictured within a week. The costume was shipped in a carboard box plenty large enough to keep items from wrinkling or getting damaged. Inside the box, items were seperated and packed in plastic bags and tissue with a checklist, care information and contact information for the circle. The main dress came on a hanger in a plastic garment bag.

Pros: What you see is exactly what you get. The site is amazingly transparent, right down to the pieces you should expect, how they fit, where they go, how they attatch and the fabric they're made from. No polyester here! Everything is in heavy cotton broadcloth with gorgeous deep, accurate colors. Snaps and pins are attatched deftly and are tight. The wings are also well-made. I can't see any construction errors or loose stitches. The fabric is completely clean with no stains or runs.

I recieved a sale price on this costume ~ 16,830 yen (about USD$190)... and for 10 pieces, including a panier and a complicated prop (the wings) -- I think I got an amazing deal. I would easily have paid a commissioner in China $250 for the same work and would have gotten half the quality in 3 months time.

Cons: The sizes run a bit larger than other costumers ~ I may actually have fit into a medium without much fuss... but this is actually a refreshing change. I'm incredibly sick of sucking it in to wedge my American size 6 butt into a Japanese "large". The costume fits well, if a bit loosely around the waist.

I wasn't expecting the waistband on the skirt to be elastic, but the waist ribbon hides the elastic completely when worn (I'll need to pin or tape it down to keep it from shifting though).

I have only one small accuracy qualm ~ the ribbon on the hat is too thin and really ought to look more like an amulet.

Final Comments: I'm so incredibly impressed that I think Love Laugh may have spoiled me to the point where I can no longer, in good conscience, go back to Chinese-made costumes. People really are kinder, more meticulous and on-the-ball when they're being paid a decent wage for their labor. I think I can afford $60-100 extra dollars for costumes as long as they come with this level of workmanship, this many extras and such amazing courtesy.

Final Grade: A+

I love Love Laugh <3 <3
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