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Name of Merchant: 007 Express Contacts
Item purchased: Venus Eyes "Edge Aqua" color contacts (3 month wear) ~ 2 sets
Photos: none
Timeline: Three days (within Japan)

The site is still a pain. Shopping is a bit like a scavenger hunt. But the ordering system itself is fairly straightforward and the item I ordered was shipped the same day I sent the bank transfer to pay for it (it arrived 2 days later).

All items arrived as-described, fit well and look great. Photos are quite representative of actual colors. The edge aquas are PERFECT for the Kagamine's. No other shop seems to offer quite this color. My only regret is that 5000 for one pair of contacts is a bit steep and a majority of the 700 yen shipping cost seems to have gone toward loading the package with more catalogs, flyers and junk mail than any human mind could possibly process. Essentially, you're paying them to advertise to you.

This order was shipped along with six free gifts ~ two cute transparent contact cases, two bottles of free contact solution, a tube of face cleanser the company also sells (for 2,500 yen) and a loufa spongey thing. The facewash is actually excellent and the tube is enough to last a few months, not a dinky sample size. The loufa dojabby is ingenous and equally loved. Very practical free girls.

007 Contacts only ships within Japan but you may be able to order their products through finders' services or overseas-auction handlers for a commission fee.

Final Grade: A-
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