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Name of Commissioner: Gneila
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Harley Quinn classic suit, Harley Quinn Mad Love Nightie, Pop Gun (2 costumes, 1 prop)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Will post soon, just woke up. P:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): September 2009 - Today (July 2010)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:

When I first approached Gneila for a classic Harley Quinn costume and gun, I had only heard high, glowing reviews, and her costumes looked pretty amazing. After requesting a quote, we discussed the construction of the costume, and she ensured me I would be there every step of the way, because I was very VERY particular in how I wanted everything to look. I had to pay in two separate payments, and we kept in contact. Until I finished the payments. Every once in a while I would send her a message and ask about the costume, and she'd tell me she was working on it and promised pictures later. After a while she just stopped responding. After a month or two of not talking, she finally got back to me saying she lost all of my info in a move to a new apartment. Okay... I guess thats plausible. She showed me pictures of the gun being carved out of foam, and promised to start working on the costumes ASAP. Hold on, start? Yes, she hadn't started the costume yet, and this was the end of November. My con wasn't until the end of May, so I didn't freak out much. I just told her to please keep me in contact every step of the way. I didn't hear from her again for little over another month. She profusely apologized and promised to have the costume to me in the end of the month, and asked if there was another costume she could make for me free of charge. I didn't want to take advantage of her, so I suggested a very simple costume. A nightie/baby doll. She was happy to oblige and supposedly went to work on the costumes.
February gets here, no costumes. I get in contact with her, and she promises to have everything done by March "for sure!" and promises pictures "tomorrow". March comes. Same thing, this . April, same thing. My con is right around the corner. The first few days of May with no costume, and I sort of lose it. I send her a sort of angry message via facebook telling her how ridiculous this whole thing is, and how the contact between us is a joke. I tell her I understand she has a real job, and other commissions, but thats no reason to not keep me updated. She says she completely understands and apologizes and says she can send things out after the weekend. I say, oh, thats great, and ask for pictures. She stopped responding. I do keep in touch with her over the month of May, and the costumes are "almost done" and she promises to have them done by the end of whatever week it is. The week of my Con comes, and she says she needs more time, but could finish if she rushed and get it to me. I say alright, and expect the costumes the first day of con. [I live right down the street, so I don't worry about leaving/arriving late, though I do get a hotel. I assume she shipped, and wait around till the mail comes with my roommate for the weekend. No costume. I have a bit of a breakdown and quickly speed dress into my old costume, determined to have a good weekend anyway. When I come back from the con I see she messaged me the last day of the con saying she couldn't find my address anywhere, and FINALLY sent me pictures of the costume! I get in contact with her when I get home, and she says the gun needs to set and part of the costume needs to be finished, but she'll have it to me in the week. At this point, I'm ready to say "just send me what you have and I'LL finish it." I keep loose contact with her through mid June, but pretty much lose contact with her from then until July. My BIG con is the end of July. I send her messages on facebook, yahoo and texts every day asking where she is, to contact me, how are my costumes. She gets back to me July 3rd, apologizing profusely and saying she was in a car accident in which her phone and camera were destroyed, but says the costumes are done and will take them to work with her to ship. I make sure shes okay, and express how happy I am that I'm finally getting them. For the next couple of days I ask if shes shipped them and no response. I post a message on her facebook wall asking about it, and it disappears. This sets me off. She had time to delete it, but not respond to me? She responds after a pissed message to her, and says she didn't delete it but will ship after the weekend, this monday. She didn't ship because of money problems, but they should be here Wednesday. I'm like, okay, cool. Thursday comes, no costume. I contact her asking if she shipped them. She says no, her bank account got cleared out. I'm freaking out, as I leave for my con monday. I tell her I will send her the money via paypal if she just overnights everything to me. She says okay, and I send her the money. I then stop talking to her because I was so angry and upset I had to go for a drive. The next morning she texts me to confirm the address (I thought she had no phone...? I guess she got a new one.) and says she's mailing them as we speak. She sends me the tracking number. All I have to do is wait.
This morning, sure enough, I got my costumes! They are gorgeous, and pretty much perfectly spot on. My only complaint is the pop gun, its a little lumpy, as if it was carved or sealed incorrectly. But shes supposed to be making me a new one and sending it sometime in the future. I'm not worrying about that one... Really, the costumes are beautiful, and fit me perfectly.
Pros: While it took nearly a year, and was stressful and there was virtually no contact until the end, the costumes are great. She was very nice to talk to when I wasn't freaking out about my costumes, and she made me an extra one free of charge.
Edit: I was unhappy with the prop she made me, and shes making me a new one, also free of charge. Really, she's great.

Cons: All of these times I contacted her, I had to hunt her down on facebook, YIM and the phone for days until she finally responds.
I don't know if the woman has incredibly terrible luck, or if she was lying. I'm very trusting, so I'm going on the side of bad luck, but it still would have been nice to let me know what was going on so I would know what to expect.

Final Grade: C
While the costumes are perfect and the price was reasonable, the time it took for them to get done, and the effort I had to put into getting a hold of her was ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend her to anyone RIGHT NOW. Maybe once she gets everything sorted out in her life with her job and money situation, but for now, she should take a break to sort things out.
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