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Steampunk Outfit help?

After a particularly informational session at a convention about SteamPunk, my friend and I started to develope some characters. I've come up with a pretty basic character and I'll add/change stuff later, but I've run into some problems. I have a start but everything is falling apart as far as her outfit. She's a grease monkey of sorts, her job is to work on an airship but she also has a dream to build the first completley steam-powered, self playing orchestra. Not very bright, lives in london so it does get cold, and the basic outfit I have for her is a blouse, pantaloons and gloves. That's where it falls apart. I've argued with myself about a vest or a corsette, adding a skirt or boots or...etc etc etc. I just don't know what to do.

She's a complete tomboy and needs to move around freely so she's not going full victorian dress, but I want her to still keep a bit of femininity (did I spell that right?).

So what I'm looking for as far as suggestions:
-wintery outfit?(I don't want to freeze to death at a con that takes place during winter)
-More than just lingerie(don't wanna walk around in my skivvies darlings)
-Any other suggestions that may pop up.
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