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Commissioner | Catzia's Collectables
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Character / Series | Sailor Neptune / Sailor Moon
Commissioned Items | 1x Neptune Smooth Dk Aqua Gem Tiara
Commissioned Items | 1x Neptune Pumps
Commissioned Items | 1x Gold Star (for chokers)
Timeline | A week, from purchase to date recieved.

The transaction was smooth and easy. Communication was especially great. The shipping was fantastic, but I did pay $45 USD for it. It shipped in a week.

The gold star and tiara were exactly as pictured. The tiara fit comfortably, the elastic makes it fits any head size. The color is perfect, great item.

The shoes on the other hand, weren't so spectacular. The pictures on their website make it look like they are made with green material, but in reality, they are the Sailor Mars pumps painted green. Red peeks out from underneath in a few places. The image also depicts the ribbons completely different as the texture and width is drastically off from the picture. The clasp is also different, as I had received it with Velcro on the back, rather than a clasp. The shoes had hot glue in obvious places, and I had to re-sew the velcro in places. The ribbon also is far too big for my ankles, or most ankles in general, and I had to fix it myself.

Final Grade | If you're just buying the tiaras and accessories, they are perfect.
If you want the shoes however, I would be careful.

Shipping - 5/5
Communication - 5/5
Item Quality - 3/5 (Depends on the item)
Photo Honesty - 3/5

Overall Grade - C+

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