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Originally Posted by RoseHanabira View Post
I'm looking for a boot cover tutorial-- wait wait let me finish. A boot cover tutorial where the cover has a tongue, not a smooth cover. I've taken a look at the many boot cover tutorials on the site, but haven't found anything where the resulting cover has a tongue like the many boots you'd find in the stores.
It's pretty easy to add one. cut and hem the two front sides of the boot and then create and sew in a tongue. You can add gromits and lace up the two front pieces over the tongue.

Originally Posted by Cotton Spores View Post
I'm looking for a tutorial teaching how to make armor. Can anyone point me one?
Is there a certain type of armor method you are looking for? There is everything: making it with foam, cardboard, metal, fiberglass, craftfoam, clay. I'm just going to link you to the armor section of my tutorial list, then just look through for one that you think would work best. Craftfoam tends to be commonly used and yields nice results.

Originally Posted by Muffet View Post
is there a tutorial on how to make clothes LOOK dirty, but not really dirty at all? o_o
Can you paint the clothes? You can try working with slightly wet tempra paint (the powdered paint that you add water to) in browns, yellows, reds or greens depending what you are going for. You can also lightly dust it on clothes for a dusty effect.

Originally Posted by KaizenStrife View Post
Hi..I am looking for a tutorial on how to make a "Gakuran"/japanese school uniform...Im new to sewing so idk what to do @_@ thanks!!
I dont have a tutorial but I can reccomend a sewing pattern, McCalls M4745 has the school uniform style you are looking for:

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