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OH MY GOSH! I LOVE AMERICAN GIRL! I never played with them, I just liked dressing them up. I had Molly and Kit. Everyone had Samantha I remember... except me. Everyone hated Molly for some reason, all of them were like "Molly is a nerd!" though my neighbor down the street had Josefina and she also agreed with me that Samantha was overrated.

I don't know why I liked Molly though... Maybe it was because she was fairly "modern" I remember reading about Molly and learning so much about World War II and it would bring up the opportunity to ask my grandfather about his experience. I learned that he was in college around the beginning before he battled in the Pacific.

He said that every evening there was this Japanese radio show that he would listen to which he said sounded like one of those Japanese gameshows. Anyways, basically at the end it was like "-insert random ship- you are going down!" well, one night his ship was a target and that was probably the scariest night in his life he said to me. Fortunately, he was able to hold his own and came out alive, however, he isn't very fond of war. Especially after my uncle went to Vietnam and was never seen again... all we have left is his letters, a lantern, and an angel ornament we hang on the tree.

My grandmother still swears that somehow my uncle is still alive. It's amazing how these books opened new doors to my past.

Then after the war was over, he brought home a kimono to my grandmother and guess who has it now?

If it wasn't for my hips, I could wear it, but it's in my closet.

Oh yeah, I also have some of Addy's books and dresses that I found at a garage sale once and I would dress Molly and Kit up in despite not having Addy.

But I digress... However, I did have that one Kailey bikini that I wore a lot when I was 11.
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