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I have been going to a high impact work out class 2-3 times a week for the past 2 and a half months. Each class is an hour long and works the entire body. Two pieces of equipement I highly recomment are resistance bands and a kettlebells. My body has changed so much since using these and other simple movements.

you can get the bands cheeply at most department stores, the bells for $20-$40 and up depending on the weight... which might be a lot at the time but worth it!!! You can get these at some departmet stores... target, sears, etc. or a fitness strore.

heres some more info on them:

I started out at 14lbs and was out of shape... I recomend 20lbs for most people, male and female...then go higher if it gets too easy. Its cheeper than buying the lighter ones and working up...just start with a few movements and work your way up more in less time.

And remember when using a kettlebell for swings Keep your back strait and slightly arched!!! It helps to look at one spot on the wall infront of you.

I also highly recomend:
-squats: legs a part, back strait, elbows to knees
-Russian twists: sitting on the ground, legs off the ground with knees bent, twist from side to side. This can be done with or without weight. A kettlebell, weighted ball can be used for extra touch it on the ground on each side of your body on each twist.
-mountian climbers: hands on the ground like you are about to do a push up but bring your foot to your hands, then alternate for the other foot at a fast running or i guess climbing a mountion.
-hip ups: lay on you back, sit you butt close into the sofa, or sturdy chair, put feet on the edge of what you are sitting up to and bring your hips up so your body makes a triange and repeat a bunch
-burpees with a jump: need a picture to explain this one...

Also make sure you warm up before hand: like 3-5 min total of jumping jacks, lunges, stretches, ect. do a number of things so it goes one set of each movement 10 times. Also cool down with yoga, stretches and holds afterward.
^^ warm ups and cool downs are in here, I do most of them in my class, all verry good!!!

Hope this Helps!!! ^_^ I know i once HATED to work out but I LOVE this! Keep moving from one thing to the next every so often to keep yourself intrested/motivated/distracted, it make it more fun than doing somethign like running on a treadmill or down the street for 30 min.
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